No-Prep Drag Racing – Everything that you need to know

No-Prep racing has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. Almost all drag racers and enthusiasts seem to be talking about these races. In drag races, the strips are coated on the day of the event with an adhesive substance. Doing this ensures that the cars can get maximum grip when on constant and acceleration,

No-Prep drag racing, however, is taking us back in time to the good old days. In these events, the competitors don’t get any help from the adhesive compounds. If you are wondering whether it is safe, then I can tell you right now that it isn’t.

Understanding No-Prep drag racing

When the tracked is prepped, you can let your car rip because you are confident it will stick. However, on the un-prepped tracks, it becomes a considerable challenge. With No-Prep drag racing, the driver is expected to be smarter than the track.

You need to adjust the car to fit the particular track surface that you are on while racing. You, therefore, need to be fully aware at all times since things could go wrong at any moment. Basically, this races are simulated street races that include cheering crowds within the locality.

Out of control cars are quite common in these events since it’s a combination of low-grip surfaces and high-powered four-wheelers. Seasoned drag racers will tell you that no-prep drag racing can be quite dangerous.

The Setup

Before you the no-prep drag race begins, most drivers take a short walk on the track to get a feel of the surface. While doing this, a drag racer will try to figure out how much power that they can use. They also get to adjust several components including nitrous, timing, and boost-controller ramps.

Understand that a car will move faster on an un-prepped track when compared to the prepped tracks. There is less traction when starting the race meaning that the wheel speed is significantly increased.

Cars participating in No-Prep drag racing also need more weight transfer. You need a lightweight vehicle with the bulk of the weight kept at the back. Having a six-inch suspension at the front will also help you greatly during the race.

Is it safe?

Basically, No-Prep grudge racing captures that excellent feel of a street race without as many dangers and risks. Most drivers, however, feel safer on a prepped track when compared to the un-prepped tracks.

No-Prep drag racers tend to keep their foot on the pedal even when in compromising positions. Class racers find it quite tricky and quite almost immediately they find themselves in an awkward situation.

There are a lot of safety equipment that are used in No-Prep drag racing. However, it is not mandatory and many drivers have substandard safety equipment.


No-Prep drag racing is quickly become popular across the world. The popularity of these races is directly accredited to the influence of Street Outlaws. Although this TV series was released in 2013, it featured serious grudge racing that were exceptional. At the moment, the No-Prep drag racing seems to be all people are talking about.

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